Project 543861-TEMPUS-1-2013-BG-TEMPUS-JPCR
Education in Nanotechnologies
Project summary

Project Summary

There are few individual research teams, laboratories or companies that can claim to be able to respond to the technological challenges. To meet these needs in this project 3 European and 6 Israeli universities and 2 companies/research centres shared infrastructure, technological and human resources and developed certified modules, based on ECTS and implemented them in the partners' training programmes in nanotechnologies.

The 24 new courses developed within the project are structured according to the three cycle system and using the ECTS: 6 courses for BSc degree, 11 – for MSc, 10 – for PhD students, 5 – could be used by industry, 5 – for high school teacher training and 2 – for high school students.

The implementation of the new courses delivered in the new learning environment started in January 2016 and the courses were delivered correspondingly to the academic programme at each university. The pilot test was performed with a total of 628 students and 90 high school teachers.

From July 7th to July 12th 2016, 25 Israeli students from the six partner universities performed a mobility for intensive practical training in the clean rooms in Grenoble. In December 2016 eight Israeli high school teachers attended the sessions on electrical characterization, photovoltaics, scan probe microscopy, nanobiotechnology and clean room processes. 23 Israeli students attended the practical training at Polito in two sessions, 18/07/2016 – 22/07/2016 and 25/07/2016 – 29/07/2016.

To make our project sustainable, we continue the delivery of the e-learning courses, the collaborative use of the e-learning materials by the Israeli universities and high schools and the collaboration with the EU universities, including the students’ mobility.

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